Simple Football G.O.A.L.S

Individual and group overall player development program


Football in Australia is still maturing. Because we are yet to establish the sport outside the main capital city hubs, our young, talented players in regional areas are often left behind and have struggled to make the next level.

On the Central Coast we are spoilt for talent and enthusiasm but our young players sometimes have to journey to Sydney, Newcastle and elsewhere in search of a higher standard of football, be it coaching or joining a ‘better team‘.

My aim is to provide strategic training programs tailored to the needs of each individual player. Simple Football focuses not only on developing the technical and fundamental aspects of football, but also emphasises the mental and psychological skills needed to create dedicated and resilient players.


My approach to football was shaped over time from my long career as a football player and coach. Having played professional football for almost twenty years all around the world, I had the opportunity to be coached by some very good coaches and to learn what is behind the game itself. I have gathered invaluable experiences that inform my coaching philosophy.

Through football, players will learn valuable lessons such as the importance of discipline and responsibility. These skills can be applied across all areas of their life.


  • Making dedicated players requires a sound philosophy, but making smart, successful players requires implementation of a certain skill set.
  • Players first need to have a full understanding of the game and all the functions and responsibilities of players in each position. Secondly players should be comfortable on the ball as I like my teams to build the ball up from the back. My players must be strong in both attack and defence, and have good game awareness. Lastly players must know where and when to cover other team mates who venture forward to support an attack or who are caught out of position. These are the basics – this is simple football.

Why is this program different?

My technical training cycle is combined with three basic components:

  • Ball control and mastery
  • Mobility and movement development
  • Functional practice sessions
Simple Football

Ball control and mastery

This is key to individual players. If you can’t master the ball, you will not be able to play the game properly. Ball control and ball manipulation is not just about having control. It is about being able to receive the ball and play with all surfaces of the foot. The player needs to be able to completely control the ball and do whatever he/she wants with it, whenever they want.

Mobility and movement development

I observe players in skill based training programs and pay special attention to how ‘dynamically’ they move. In doing this, l can feed their strengths and weaknesses into the program to  respond to and support individual player development in this area. Players need to be dynamic and explosive in their movements - on both sides. It is a prerequisite for any player at the highest level to be agile and quick.





Functional practice sessions

In my Simple Football program, players go through a variety of football specific training with a predominantly game related focus. All or most training sessions are combined with a focus on: ball manipulation; first touch; turning, feinting, passing; 1v1s; dribbling and speed; agility; shooting/finishing; and football specific conditioning.

In other words, the ball is included in all training sessions and exercises.


One on one = $65.00

Two players = $100.00 > $50 per player

Group of 5 players = $30 per player

Group of 5 players for 6 weeks = $20 per player per week

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